Sunday, May 22, 2011

Linux Basics Walkthrough Part 1

Nowadays, Linux comes with pretty simple to use GUI. Professionals still prefers CLI to perform there tasks as they know the mantra GUI is simple but CLI is powerful. Let's dig into the basis.

1. Navigation

cd - Change Directory. For Example: cd /home/karan

2. Where I'm
pwd - prints the current working directory.

3. Who I'm

whoami - Shows user who is currently issuing command.

4. Feel Secure

passwd - Allows you to change the password for the user who is issuing the command.

Note: passwd <username> Allows Super Users/Admins to change the password of other users.

5. Reading files

cat - Allows user to view content of a file.

P.S. I'll be updating this post soon with lot more commands.

Hope this Helps! Please write your comments it will help me improve.


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